Cafe Coco is one of those places that only opens in the evenings after 5pm with the exception of Sunday. Located in Mare Street, in the heart of biggest community it has a lot of competition in the area. As you know, Mare Street is one big stretch of a long road, Cafe Coco is near the end where St Joseph Hospice. A failed attempt to go eat Korean for the night we ended up at Cafe Coco. With only another diner eating, getting a table was easy. Café Coco menu is filled with a mix of Vietnamese and other Asian dishes such as Chinese and Japanese.

banh_xeo crispy_hakf_moon_pancake

I had a long wait until my friends arrived, so went on to order the crispy half-moon pancake. A massive portion of greens, and pancake arrived folded in half. Inside stuffed with bean sprouts, chicken chunks and prawns. This Banh Xeo had to be one of the best I’ve tried in London. Taking my time eating my starter the pancake stayed crispy, prawns and meat were well flavoured and juicy.


Milk bubble tea is popular at any Asian restaurant, tall glasses blended with ice, there wasn’t enough flavour.


Once my friends arrived, we went right in and ordered a massive feast between us. My Vietnamese friend particular loved the Banh Mi, as it reminded her of the exact taste and airy light bread texture from her holiday in Vietnam.


Roast duck at Cafe Coco, is different to Cantonese style, Com Bit comes with a wet style thick sauce and topped with spring green onions.


I couldn’t steer away from my favourite bun thit nuong cha nem, the char grilled meat, still had juices dripping, slicked with lemongrass and other herbs used to be marinated the meat. Meat nice and firm and chewy, it was as good as Café Sen sadly now closed. The Cha Nem, Vietnamese spring rolled was lovely and crunchy with plenty of minced pork, ear wood mushrooms. Café Coco was absolutely delicious  one to watch.


{google_map}77 Mare St London UK E8 4RG{/google_map}

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