The best thing I like to do to relive life stress is to go explore somewhere new. Each year I promised myself to go see somewhere I never been before. Be it within UK or packing my bags getting a plane abroad.


I had a day off and my friend happened to also had some time off so we decided between us to go do a day trip somewhere. Somehow we ended up choosing Windsor a place neither of us has been before.


C drove to Windsor Great Park from London it didn’t take too long to our destination of Virginia Waters. We looked at the waterfall photos online and wanted to see them in person. It was set that we hike/walk in the park before grabbing some lunch then spend the rest of the afternoon exploring Windsor Castle.

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We parked up by the car park near Virgina Waters got some tea and enjoyed the scenery before setting foot again. Coming across the directional signs, it was a huge park to explore all in one day. I wanted to chase the deer’s, which was 3 miles away from where we were. Along the way, we would pass Savil Gardens and other visitor attractions.

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The woodlands is a beautiful picturesque setting, the nature greenery and breathing such clear air is the reason why I like to escape the city every now and then. The massive leafs, and sky-high trees, we passed the Totem pole the first point of interest. It’s a gift to the HM Queen from the people of Canada.


The Cumberland Obelisk wasn’t something that wowed us. Swiftly moving onto the Savil building, outside blue, red, white flowers scattered across the green grass reminding me of the British flag. You can pay an extra fee to see the garden, but we only stopped by to grab a quick lunch. I really loved the food from the restaurant. Real homemade cooked from scratch pies, fresh vegetables and gravy. It went down a treat.

img_3637 the-savile-park-restaraunt

After we refuelled we were back on foot walking towards Cow pond. It’s just looked like the real life painting of Monet in front of our eyes. Large colourful water lilies filled the pond and a Baroque-style footbridge is seen nearby.

virginia-water img_3667 img_3648 img_3646 img_3645 img_3664 img_3665 windsor-cow-pond

What seemed like we were miles away from the long walk (the irony) deer park and we almost turned back and gave up. Lucky a family with a pram passed us and we asked them how long was it to the deer park. Not long they said, and they even said we might not even see any deer’s.

windsor-deer-park img_6323

We got to the entrance of the deer park and it seemed empty with no deer in sight. We even walked passed the deer’s until I turned back and saw them in front of our eyes. They kept staring every time I set my foot closer to them, they were afraid of me. My friend feared I get attacked, but I was after the shot. I managed to get a few before they ran away from us.

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It was a long journey back to the car and we spent 3-4 hours at the park before heading to Windsor Castle. We parked inside the shopping centre and walked to the castle we only had a few hours to visit. We were most interested in the state apartments and dolls house. After our quick tour, we watched the guards in red uniform walked and ate some ice cream before grabbing a drink before heading back home. The good thing is the ticket can be reused for another free entry within 1 year. It’s a great excuse to go back again!






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