Although mille crepes are nothing new, my first ever one was from Kova Patisserie. Ever since then, I have been slightly obsessed with these crepe cakes. However, there’s a newcomer on the scene, Mille Patisserie is located only 2 minutes away from Paddington station. The very teeny-weeny café is narrow with only two people working, there are only 3 tables for indoor seating, and 2 outside. Mille Patisserie only serves crepes with different variations, specials and drinks. Prices start from £4.80 onwards, the café itself is simple, whitewashed walls with pastel accents. They use pretty mismatch plates to match the simplistic style. 

Mille Patisserie

mille_patisserie_paddington_menuMille menu


Mille crepes

Mille crepes are translated to a thousand layers, when you receive these crepe cakes, you can see the ultra-thin layers stacked together with pâtissière crème in between. Ordering one of the specials from Mille and a matcha green tea latte. Arriving on a baby pink plate along with a gold fork, you see the crepe cake cut perfectly in a triangle slice. The top shows circular grooves and dusted with matcha green tea powder, the side has a singular red bean. 

Mille crepe flavour

Mille Patisserie specials on the board are genimacha Japanese brown rice mixed with green tea flavour. These crepe cakes are no bake and taste light as air, it’s no wonder so many layers are needed to bulk it up. In my opinion mille patisserie has a better execution, they use premium ingredients from all around the world for the high-quality flavour. The pâtissière crème is rich and creamy, you bite into thin crispy layers of flakes.  

mille patisserie paddington menu
Mille flavours menu board

Matcha is one of Mille’s most popular flavour, selling out by the time I arrived. Millie Patisserie cafe is definitely worth checking out with special flavours appearing on the menu. 

mille patisserie paddington genmaicha side view
mille patisserie paddington genmaicha


For more information, visit the Mille Patisserie website. 


8a Spring Street 

Paddington, London 

W2 3RA 

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