It has been a while since I’ve attended to Taste of London and the guys over at Lee Kum Kee invited me down to the festival to visit their stand for cooking demos and sampling their food. Lee Kum Kee is well known for their oyster sauce in the world. I’ve been using it for many years, its one of my key ingredients for seasoning, marinating. Taste amazing in stir fry and noodles. It was actually invented by accident when Lee Kum Kee left his oyster soup to cook too long when he returned the soup turned into a thick glistening sauce.

With the success of the oyster sauce, an extensive range has been created. At the Taste of London, Lee Kum Kee created a special promo selling six different sauces and a cookbook for only £5. The Chiu Chow chilli sauce was also a big hit with the crowd.

The food sampling drew in the crowds, the ladies served up my favourite kung po chicken. Using only the stir fry sauce and chilli oil for an extra kick. I personally used these myself to cut time all you need is the prep work of getting the meat and vegetables ready to chuck into the wok. It’s a quick and easy way to cook a variety of Chinese foods without making your own marinade.

Frankfurters cooked up with honey and garlic sauce, tasted so much better. The salad dressed in a blend of sesame oil, vinegar reminded me of Japanese dressing.  Went well with tomatoes, cucumber, red onions. Lee Kum Kee also has marinades of Chinese classics such as char siu, sweet and sour, hoisin. There’s also gluten free options.


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