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A hip trendy joint Chotto Matte looks like some ordinary place from the outside. Going inside, you realise the site is massive, with three floors, across the walls, cool funky UV Japanese anime style street art with striking bold colours.

chotto matte

Just before the year, ended Zomato invited me down to their last meet up event to Chotto Matte and I had a blast being entertained by staff.

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The night began with some cocktails by the lava-stone cocktail bar, made by the king of mixology Fabiano Latham. As we waited for the rest to arrive, I watched the chefs prepare our Nikkei cuisine nibbles. Fabiano gave us a master class on his love pisco and head chef Micheal Paul introduced us to Nikkei cuisine.

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Over 100 years ago or so, fifty thousands of Japanese migrated to Peru, and they brought they eating habits and cooking style. Nikkei cuisine the Japanese-Peruvian fusion food is a broad spectrum.

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Touring the site upstairs has the exposed robata grill, serving Japanese BBQ. This floor is also home to chef Keita Sato where he works his magic at the sushi bar. Micheal and Fabiano was such a good laugh, they gave me a private tour of the place and made me go behind the bar to shake some cocktails.

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Sadly, I was ill to enjoy the cocktails and was so busy taking photos I only managed to eat only one dish throughout the evening. The tostaditas had a great mix of slices of fresh sashimi mixed with salsa and finished off with coriander.

chotto matte

Downstairs the entrance to the toilets had another UV artwork installation and a big flurry sofa. I had a brilliant time at Chotto Matte and I give staff 10/10 for being so fun I can’t wait to go back to try out the rest of the food.

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11-13 Frith Street, Soho,
London W1D 4RBchotto_matte_2 chotto_matte IMG_5817


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{google_map}11 – 13 Frith Street, London W1D 4RB{/google_map}

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