Ever since the time I ended up on a boat cruise with Riverfood eating up oysters and seafood. I found out there’s a yearly festival at Whitstable for all things oysters. Each time I tell myself to attend Whitstable Oyster festival I leave it too late and the event pasts.

whitstable_high street

This year I researched in advance and ended up at one of the weekends. The commute from London is just under 2 hours, with 10-15 min walk from the station. Crowds gather to the high street and restaurants open up a stall along the street. The people at the stalls shucking up oysters for the punters, me being one.

IMG_8259 IMG_8263

The term so fresh it’s practically moving is true. Nothing quite beats fine oysters and champagne. Farmers opened up their fruit stalls selling the freshest delicious produced strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries.

IMG_8275 IMG_8274 IMG_8273 IMG_8306 IMG_8283 IMG_8299 IMG_8303 whitstable_rock_oysters

There was a stall that sold the cheapest seafood I ever had, 50p oysters, butterfly prawns, and other fried battered goodies. Making me go running back for more and more. The seafront is the best spot to sit and relax to hear the waves hitting the walls. I always seem to feel at best by the sea listening to mother nature and breathing clean fresh air.

whitstable seafront IMG_8278 IMG_8277 IMG_8272 IMG_8270 IMG_8268 IMG_8266 IMG_8265

Live music and entertainment are available for visitors. Whitstable Oyster Festival runs for a whole week, for the finishing party go watch the fireworks by the beach.

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