You know if you ever fire me a question and asked what my favourite food was. It would be Japanese; sushi is an addiction, vinegared rice with delicious fresh fish. I will never get sick of the stuff.


Sumosan has been discreet on the down low since until recently. Opened by the Wolkow family, it first launched in 1997 in Moscow. Loved by A-list celebrities, they vowed to deliver the best freshest sushi in London.

Sumosan Sushi
Sumosan Sushi

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Bubker Belkhit
Bubker Belkhit

I was invited down to master sushi making; Bubker Belkhit flew all the way from Moscow to join us for the evening. I was the one he feared the most firing questions and being the most knowledgeable sushi expert in the room. Did you know the ginger that is served with your sushi is the palette cleanser and that nigiri you dipped the fish side into your soy sauce?


I have included a sushi etiquette for your information.

sushi etiquette

Before we made our own sushi, we sample all the things we were about to make. Salmon and prawn nigiri, salmon and avocado rolls, and California rolls.

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The rice used at Sumosan is Nishiki brand, once cooked it is seasoned with simply sugar, vinegar and salt.


Chef Bubker, went on how to tell if you had sashimi grade salmon. The belly will have a bouncy touch. Sumosan uses Scottish salmon in the restaurant.


First we made our salmon and prawn nigiri, another chef was on hand to demonstrate the techniques. We were not allowed to handle the super sharp knifes.

The rice had to sculpted to a perfect square for the salmon sashimi slice to lie perfectly on top.

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Next were the sushi rolls, when you make sushi make sure the nori (seaweed) is rough side up. Spread the rice on the sheet of nori until there’s 2 cm of seaweed left. Flip the side over, with the seaweed side up, start filling up the sushi with the ingredients, then start rolling. There you have it an inside out roll.


The second one we made was the California roll; the roe used were the glossiest ones I’ve seen in my life. The crabmeat smelt so good and lastly we added two pieces of avocado.


During the master class we sampled some delicious plum wine, Sumosan has proven to use the freshest ingredients. The Scottish salmon and crabmeat was the highlight for me.


I learned some new tricks to make my own sushi, and look forward to coming back for more.

Sumosan & J-Bar

26 B Albemarle Street, Mayfair, W1S 4HY

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