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Vegfest has been running in the UK for a while, it is one of Europe’s biggest vegetarian events. While I can be completely honest and confess I can never turn into a vegetarian. It was a great experience to go to the show and see what was on offer. From the food stalls, and markets, I went and got myself a “fake chicken burger” it did taste strange not being used to the texture however it did mimic the flavour quite well.

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One stall that stood out and had me queuing for 40-50mins was “the twisted potato”. It’s a whole potato that gets chucked into a machine and spun out, fried until it is golden crisp. Topped with a season flavouring made the perfect snack, it defiantly made me full and made a scene. So many people looked at me with this humungous stick of twisted potato. I even gave some to strangers, and they loved it.

Sadly the owners are not based in London but follow them on facebook to see what festivals they be attending.

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