When I was away at Amsterdam, my friend on twitter tipped me off a pancakes place to try in the heart of Amsterdam. The very first night I arrived in Amsterdam, I made it my mission to look for the place. We failed and ended up lost in the foreign land, passing a lot of dangerous territory and endless bridges and canals.

Another attempt the next day and I managed to find the location however, the place was closed! Noooo!

My trip was almost coming to end, and I finally found the place! It was packed and it took a while to be seated. The menu had a range of pancakes style from around the world!


Usually when I go for sweet pancakes, I like mine with either sugar and lemon or Chocolate and banana. The chocolate was quite bitter, for my liking so I scoped the chocolate off, the pancakes was good and banana was sweet.


This is place is recommend to tourists and locals alike. Pancakes range from €9.

Berenstraat 38; 31-20-528-9797


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