Côte minute steak

We all love a bargain, don’t we? Côte is no exception, it does bargain deals, and one is the minute steak and frites for under £10. My colleague and I spent our last Christmas lunch at the St Pauls branch.

Côte bread

Seated cosy upstairs, we both decided on the steak frites. Sharing a plate of olives and bread and butter.

Côte minute steak Côte minute frites Côte frites

Like a piece of a continent, large and beaten as flat as an pancake with a plonk of garlic slowly melting on the rustic colour steak. It had a slight chewiness to it, flavoursome without being too dry.

photo 3

The frites was a dream, thinly cut sticks with plenty of salt.


If you are after a simple meal that’s cheap, then I suggest Côte, service was good and food came promptly.


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