Lan Fong Yuen 蘭芳園

You wouldn’t experience Hong Kong without trying a 茶餐廳 cha chaan teng. Lan Fong Yuen 蘭芳園 is one of Hong Kong’s oldest and famous place. Lan Fong Yuen 蘭芳園 is known to be the creator of stocking milk tea. If you follow Sarah and Jason on youtube you see them going to one of the locations. Founded by Mr. Lam Muk Ho, with the one in Gage Street being the main branch.

Lan-Fong-Yuen-TSTThe location we visited was in Tsim Sha Tsui, Nathan Rd, 36-44號, Chungking Mansion. A modernised version of cha chaan teng, the place is very popular and busy so expected to wait and share a table with someone.

Lan-Fong-Yuen-TSTSince we knew how to read Chinese we knew what items from the menu to get. The famous stocking milk tea iced, a pork chop bun and French toast. As you can see from the youtube video, Lan Fong Yuen stocking milk tea takes a lot of time and effort to make. The tea maker boils and strains the tea many times to get the strong aroma black tea taste. Tea is sweetened with evaporated and condensed milk for the extra smooth creamy taste.

Lan-Fong-Yuen-milk-stocking-teaPork chop bun is another popular thing to have in Hong Kong, crispy and well-flavoured tender. The fat soaks into the toasted burger bun.


For those who have a sweet tooth, I recommend having the French toast, slightly sweeten with condensed milk and a knob of butter. It goes down well with a milk tea.

Lan-Fong-Yuen-french-toastThe brother was still hungry and ordered a portion of noodle chicken wings. The plate consisted of noodles, chicken wings, egg, and vegetables, grated ginger.

Lan-Fong-Yuen-chicken-wingsEating at Lan Fong Yuen is very cheap, 3 dishes and 2 teas came up to $101 £10. The place lacks service, as one of the waiters kept combing our bill with the other person next to ask.

Address: Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui, Nathan Rd, 36-44號, Chungking Mansion




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