My nice ice matcha green tea and mango

I first knew of My Nice Ice, when I went to a Japanese Anime expo show. Watching people walk past with these towers of shaven ice with colourful flavours, I regret not getting one to try.

My Nice Ice shop front

The people from My Nice Ice finally found their permanent home and opened a shop in Greenwich, right opposite Tai Won Mein.

My nice ice matcha green tea and mango

These desserts are made to share, and last Sunday was the perfect time to cool down and I dragged my friend with me. It was empty and we managed to grab one of the tables inside. I love the branding for My Nice Ice, the cutesy Japanese inspired graphics with baby blue walls. There’s even a wall of Polaroid’s of customers.

IMG_4662 my nice ice matcha green tea

Asking how big the portions was, we made the wise choice to share. Custom made to have half and half flavours. I had the matcha green tea with red beans side and my friend had the mango flavoured half.


Just like winter snowflakes, the ice was soft and fluffy; it melted as soon as it touched my tongue. The flavourings were not artificial, with a hint of sweetness from the condensed milk. The red beans were soft and mushy, and rice balls were squidgy. The mango side is delivered with the Alphonso mangoes, sweet and rich.


The lovely people at My Nice Ice also gave my friend and I complimentary hot tea to warm us again.


If you want to experience Ujikintoki desserts in London, head over to My Nice Ice for winter snow with a taste of summer.


334 Creek Rd London, UK SE10 9SW

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