Ask yourself, when have you ever seen the meat turkey available at restaurants or sometimes supermarkets? Turkey is not so popular during the year unless it’s Xmas or thanksgiving. Which is why the British Turkey Company wanted to bring awareness to families, foodies and aim to get Turkey on the menu on a weekly basis.


Lately, I have been reading up the GI diet and turkey is a great source of protein, with an amber light mark.

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Phil Vickery was on hand to whip up some dishes with different flavour profiles within minutes using the lean turkey. I even learned a new cooking technique term, which I never heard in my life called velveting. Well my parent does something quite similar with chicken.


British turkey
British turkey

Velveting involves using 500g of turkey meat, egg white, a tablespoon of tapioca flour, a pinch of salt and some sesame seed oil to lock in the moisture. What this does it gives the meat a smooth, velvety coating.


I’m sharing a recipe of the favourite from the 4 dishes I’ve tried. All of them had Asian influences, but this one stood out by miles. Phil did a great job to showcase how turkey can go well with different flavours, plus each dish only took minutes to cook that look super easy to follow.



1 ripe mango, skinned, sliced and cut into thin strips

½ small sweet pineapple, finely chopped

juice and finely grated zest 2 large limes

pinch sugar

1 tbsp fresh chopped mint


Sauté the turkey after velveting, then place into a bowl. Add all the ingredients and mix well, then serve tepid.

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After the demo, we were taking to Vincent Rooms and had a 3-course meal served by the Westminster Kingsway London College.


Turkey breast Blanquette, confit turkey leg wrapped in pancetta, baby spinach and garlic, heritage carrots and caramelised baby onions, crispy potato and Madeira jus



Smoked turkey consommé, chestnut and smoked turkey ravioli, Savoy cabbage and wild mushrooms



Inaya Chocolate mousse with black raspberry marinated berries and vanilla tuile


The meal was well executed and the ravioli was quite something, the desserts were to die for. I’ve been meaning to visit Vincent rooms for lunch and dinner, now that I sampled the meal I need to book myself right in there.

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