You know, having been living in East London for most of my life. I grew up going hand in hand with my mother to Dalston and Hackney area. We loved markets, buying our fresh vegetables and fruits the atmosphere was surely live and kicking.

Over the years the area has transformed and redeveloped with Shoreditch and Brick Lane being neighbours. The area has become more trendy and hip, with Leona Lewis and Alan Sugar hailing from Hackney. It’s nice to see new shops, buildings popping up from nowhere.


Café route conveniently located 2 minutes away from Dalston Junction overground station. My friend and I didn’t quite expect what we would find. Café route welcome us with open arms, it’s very spacious was large well lit from the natural light from the windows. From the far end, an open kitchen exposes the chefs at work.



Café route serves, breakfast, lunch, dinner and have a bakery, opened every single day of the week. We came during lunch hours; the menu periodically changes according to the seasons and ingredients they can course.


My friend and I both choose a main plus two salads to accompany the dish, but first we shared a cup of olives. Once the food came we was shocked with how super generous the portions were. The plates filled to the rim of the edges, both beaming with vibrant colours.


Man, my sweet potato had a bright shade of pumpkin, the outer jacket of the skin crumbled. Topped with lashings of BBQ pulled pork and slaw. I have a weakness for roasted aubergine hollowed inside was pomegranate molasses.


I think Café Route is on point with making delectable healthy food without sacrificing the taste. The food is a real bargain and for once I couldn’t finish my meal, as there was too much. I look forward to trying the breakfast and dinner menus soon.

Address: Unit A, Gaumont Tower, 60 Roseberry Pl, London E8 3BQ
Phone:020 7249 6202

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