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I love up breakfast in London these days. Recently Emerald Street did a brunch deal for one my to go to list. Tucked away behind the bustling streets of London shopping district Oxford Streets. Lies the captivating Arabic den Momo restaurant, having already been to Sketch also owned by Mourad Mazouz.  I wanted to be taken on ride for a taste of Marrakesh.

momo restaurant entrancemomo restaurant entrance

The Momo’s brunch menu mixes it up with food inspired by Paris, Casablanca and Marrakech. My £20 deal included a glass of champagne on arrival, a choice of either Orange Juice or Wine, starters, full Moroccan breakfast or half a chicken, pancakes or a cheesecake plus tea and coffee.

momo restaurant

Whilst waiting for my friend I sat outside and admire the deco, enchanting metalwork lanterns, Shisha pipes stashed away in a corner, colourful fabrics draping over seats. It really feels like you’re in a different part of the world. My friend finally arrived sitting outside we leisurely awaited for our food to arrive.

IMG_4476 IMG_4480 zaalouk momo restaurant

The clay bowl can bubbling away with steam coming out, streaky bacon, cherry red tomatoes popped out, beans and a poached garnished with sesame seeds. The soup of sauce was piping hot and needed to be cool down. Chunky pieces of potatoes soaked up the tangy flavours. The pleasant surprise was the half cut tomato filled with garlic mushrooms.

morroccan breakfast momo restaurant Morroccan breakfast Momo restaurant morroccan breakfast momo restaurant

The breakfast feast didn’t end there, the desserts we polished off in no time. A rich indulgent blueberry creamy cheesecake and a berber pancake. The pancake look unusual with small looking pinholes like it had been poking all over appeared.  With a simple glaze of honey it tasted fantastic and not overbearing sweet. We ended the feast with traditional mint tea and coffee.

berber pancake morroccan breakfast momo restaurant cheesecake morroccan breakfast momo restaurant

Momo restaurant is a great place to try something different to usual full English breakfasts in London. I can only imagine the place will be live and vibrant at night.

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