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As a little girl I use to go hand in hand with my dad, exploring the busy streets of Sunday markets in Brick Lane. The railway arches and a long street of restaurants with curries houses just by the end of Brick Lane there are two famous Bagel shops that open 24/7. On Sundays both these shops have long queues extend to the outside of a street. Even superstar diva Mariah Carey made a trip to Brick Lane just for the Bagels!

Beigel BakeBeigel Shop

The reason being is the bagels are so damn cheap! With it’s bright yellow and red signage storefront it stands out from the crowd during the day & night.

photo 2 Beigel Shop Beigel Shop

Beigel Shop can get you a filled bagel and a cake for under £5. Baked daily you have numerous choices of fillings. A lot of people LOVE thee salt beef one, filled with chunks of salt beef, gherkins and a spread of mustard. My favourite bagel from Beigal Shop is smoked salmon and cream cheese. What I love about these bagels is that it fills you up without being too heavy on the stomach.

Beigel Shop bagels Beigel Shop bagels

Don’t leave the shop without a cake, costing around £1-2. The window display is filled with an array of colourful choices of fruit sponge cakes, trifle, cheesecakes and many others.

Beigel Shop cakes photo 4 photo 4

Where else in London can you be filed up with freshly baked goods for under £5. Opened 24/7 a week in the buzzing streets of Brick Lane is a must place to visit.

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