How wonderful to see Meatwagon creator expanding and taking over London. If you want to skip the enormous queues at Meatliquor then head on over to Meatmarket in Covent Garden.

The interior is familiar with the American diner theme, bright red neon signs flickering on and off. You feel like you step on set for True Blood. Ordering food is super quick with no problem. A quick glance over the board and I thought I try the chicken Philly steak with miniature corn puppies.

photo 3

The Chicken Philly steak was overloaded to the rim as expected, shaved mushrooms scattered, chunks of meaty chicken and fried onions with melted gooey cheese all over. It looked good, however lacked any taste and was rather bland. The mushrooms over powered the whole steak, chicken had no flavour whatsoever, and I even had to add ketchup to save it.

photo 4

The corn puppies were the best from the meal, far better then the corn dogs I had over at Mishkins. The dogs were covered in a crunchy light batter and had a savoury taste. The meat had a lot of flavour and 4 pieces were enough.

photo 2

Sadly both these items are no longer available on the menu; my next write would be the triple chilli challenge at Meatmission.

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