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Just when I thought I found the best pizza in London, Pizza Pilgrims outdid my current favourite Buy Alprazolam Online India. My friend wanted his leaving meal to be Pizza, and out of all the places he wanted to go Pizza Hut. There was no way I was taking him there. Since the location of our meetup was in Central London I suggested we head to Pizza Pilgrim in Soho.


Pizza Pilgrims has been passed on to me for a while with many glowing reviews started out as a street food van they eventually found permanent residence at Dean Street.


Green and white is the theme for interior and branding, as soon as you walk in you see the take-away counter where the cooks prepare the pizzas. Hidden beneath the wooden staircase lies a pizzeria.

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So what’s on the menu? Nine different pizzas, five non-pizza items and a selection of desserts including a nutella pizza ring.

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To start we had a pot of mix olives, rich and vibrant in colour, great selection it was the perfect start to the meal.

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The salsiccia e frairielli, tickled my fancy, when it arrived all I saw was the tomato base and cheese, it looked like deformed lifeless sack. I felt cheated where was the sausage and broccoli? Cutting into the thick-bubbled Neapolitan base, there it was enveloped and hidden my fennal sausages, broccoli. The base had that sourdough taste, without it being too sour. The tomato sauce was indulgently rich, sharp and tangy, the gooey cheese turned nice and stringy. The pizza was soul satisfying, superb.

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Will I be back; the answer is YES YES YES!

11 Dean St, Soho, W1D 3RP

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