If you haven’t been to Disneyland before and always had it on your bucket list. Then the Disneyland resort in Hong Kong is worth a visit. I have watched Disney cartoons since I was young. The music and stories, putting on a VHS tape in the player were a part of my life.  

minnie-disney-earsDisneyland Hong Kong is easy to get to located on Lantau island, only 4 stops from Olympic station MTR. Admission tickets are $619 for the day.  

parade Disneyland

One of the happiest places on earth, everyone is smiling. I enjoyed the day reliving my childhood memories of my favourite Disney characters. There are the flights of fantasy parade during the day that lasted 35 minutes. Attraction rides with different themes, and another parade of Disney paint the night. You can meet your favourite Disney characters and pose with them at different parts of the day. Stayed until the end of the fireworks by sleeping beauty castle.  

Beauty and the beast RoseToy Story Disneyland HK

Little World Disneyland HKPaint the night paradePaint the night parade 

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