BHC Max beer

11am // Late Lunch Midarae

Giving us time to recover from jet lag and exhaustion, we had the longest lie in until late afternoon. Breakfast was skipped and we went looking for a late lunch. We happened to come across Midarae, and it was then I tried my very first sensational cheese pork katsu cutlet.

Midarae_pork_cutlet Midarae_curry

Midarae // 808-5, Mok1-dong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Midarae_seoul Midarae


This Japanese eatery serves an extensive eatery. Sushi pieces can be gobbled up in 4 bites apiece. Seafood in Korea is incredibly cheap and fresh. The Pork cutlet is served on a metal rack, sliced into thick pieces. Molten melting cheese goo bursting out into strings. The mild cheese has a similar taste to mozzarella.

12pm // Matcha Latte pick me up A Twosome Place

a twosome place

After lunch we make our way to A Twosome Place, a dessert store, picking up my daily green tea matcha latte fix.

1pm // K-Live Hologram concert

big bang

krunk k-live

K-Live is the ultimate mind-blowing hologram experience, in the imaginary world Hallyu City. Using latest technology filmed in 270 degrees you are sucked into the world where you can watch your favourite k-pop stars perform. I’m a huge fan of Big Bang and 2ne1, seeing Big Bang live. The theatre special effects draw you in, interacting with the idol groups. I even got lucky and won myself a pair of tickets to watch the G-Dragon concert. K-Live is located inside Lotte Fitin Dongdeamun history cultural station exit 11, 12.

G dragon ice car


k live

Weekdays : 1:30 PM ~ 9:00 PM (Closed every Monday) // Address : 100-196 9F LOTTE FITIN, 264 6-ga Eulji-ro Jung-gu, Seoul // Website

3pm // Gangnam Style

gangnam style

After the concert we made our way to Gangnam, you know that song Gangnam style made famous by PSY. Right next to the station is this stage, there’s this button that you hit that makes the song blast out from the speakers, and stage lights go off. Besides shopping there’s not much to do in Gangnam, for an afternoon break we paid a visit To the Different The World’s Dessert café. Purple and cream interiors lighting up the space. Getting all blueberry obsessed I ordered a blueberry cheesecake and blueberry yoghurt smoothie.

to the different blueberry smoothie to the different blueberry cake

6PM // time for some chicken and beer

BHC_restaurant BHC_table BHC_popcorn lebinh_chicken_beer

Since Gangnam is a far from where we were staying cutting the long subway journey down we decided to go look for a BHC for some Korean Fried Chicken and beer. Beer and chicken is very popular in Korea, with the universities of Seoul filled with them for cheap eats for students and people alike. Jun Ji-hyun is Korea’s star appearing in billboards  and adverts everywhere you turn in Seoul. She’s the face for BHC, probably getting the endorsement after the scene in My love from a star.

BHC korean fried chicken

BHC Max beer

You are guaranteed to fall in love with BHC chicken, biting into crunchy light crispy batter, ready to rip the tender flesh from bone.