Carry on travel essentials

I already giving some of my top travel tips on how to stay organised. I now like to share my must-have items that I take with me on board. I found my Fjällräven Kanken bag fantastic to travel with. I can pack most of essentials and fit a small over the shoulder bag to carry passports, wallets and cards inside the kanken. My jansport bag I used to use for flights couldn’t hold much and looked bulky. 

1. Eagle Creek packing cubes

Eagle Creek packing cubes has become a life changer for me. Rolling up clothes instead of folding them enables me to pack even more options for outfits. The packaging keeps help me stay organised separating my clothing.  


2. AKG N60 noise cancellation headphones

The AKG N60 NC has noise cancellation technology to mute out the sounds of large engines. It also stops my ears from popping in the high-pressure air during flights. This pair of earphones is brilliant for commutes in London, long train rides or just being in a bubble to listen to a meditation on the go.  


3. Go worldwide travel adapter 

I picked up a Skross travel adapter cube at TK Maxx but have now upgraded with a Go to worldwide adapter. Instead of having several plugs I now have one to use for any country. It also has two USB charging ports and a UK mains plug. My friend once brought the wrong plugs assuming that Korea used the 3-pin plug and had to borrow mine during the holiday. I like to add that an extension lead is ideal for sharing between friends and family.  


4. Ener-C 1,000mg sachets 

I carry some energy drink sachets with me, and find Ener-C is the most natural tasting and give me that extra little kick of energy. It comes handy when jet lag starts kicking in the natural flavours is tasty to drink. It turns normal water in a sparking fizzy drink. 


5. Hydroflask water bottle

Depending on how long I am on a flight I take different size Hydroflask water bottle with me. The sizes ranges from 12-64 oz and keeps my water ice cold for 24 hours. Make sure you have it empty before security and fill up your bottle before your flight.  


6. foldable tote / shopper bag

I pack a foldaway tote to carry airport shopping and to use during vacations to carry bulky things and new shopping buys. 

7. Anker portable charger 

Of course, I have to carry my phone chargers and an external battery charger. Anker is a great value and charges my phone battery back to full. This one is only £19.99.


I also like this Marc Jacobs card holder wallet to carry travel cards, bus tickets and loose change.



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