I can’t believe I only went to two restaurants during LRF = London restaurant festival. My friend Mary really wanted to try The Blue elephant in Fulham. I’ve seen photos of people dining inside and I knew immediately this was an opportunity for some serious photo sessions. I had a long day, during the morning I went off to buy a birthday cake and travelled to Fulham to smuggle the cake inside the venue. The district and circle lines are always doing engineering works every weekend.

The venue is short walk from Fulham Broadway station, the place is HUGE!!! As expected the venue was mind blowing beautiful, all the detailing in the interior inside was WOW!

Fast forward a few hours later, I arrived with friends whilst waiting for another member of the party we was seated near the bar. Once he came we was taken to our table, there was boats with food, and exotic plants etc I really felt like I was transported to another part of the world. Our table was in a cosy intimate area, the friends loved the venue. Now for the LRF menu, there was a choice of vegetarian or meat options. We opted for the meat one, for £20 per person we got a selection of 7 dishes which I thought was BARGIN!

The food was beautifully presented, and I think it was a great mix of selection. The imperial fish, and vermicelli salad was my favourites out of the 7 dishes. The chicken in the thai green curry was overcooked and was too mild. The imperial fish was tasty; it was crispy and had the right tangiest from the sweet and sour sauce. (I forgot the taste of the other dishes, which means it was just ok in my opinion)

I had to walk off to action the “surprise” for my friend van, little did I know the whole of the staff on the floor was also singing along to “happy birthday” and the added touch with the candle made it a great surprise for my dear friend.

Although the food was average for me, I loved the service, the staff the intimate dining experience of the venue.


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