My first ever experience of a burrito was back when I was working in the clerkenwell area. Exmouth Market is filled with food stalls during the weekdays you know when somethings good if there’s a massive queue. It was a pretty damm good burrito, anyways fast forward some years later I ended up in working in the St Pauls area.

Burro burrito is minutes away from where I’m working, through the glass windows you can see the menu on offer. The big board had various choices of meals, tacos, bowls, burritos. I was set and stone for a chicken burrito but somehow ended up with a special consisting BBQ chicken and chorizo. My lemonade seem to have 0.5%vl of alcohol.

My burrito came in 5 mins, it was one Monmouth wrap, hard to eat neatly, the rice tasted slightly plain and the sauce seemed to have disappeared by the time I reach the middle. I must say the meat was marinated very well which saved it.

I may come back to try some other things, and I still need to try daddy donkeys burrito!



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