The Seven Samurai Special yakitori grill – Bincho

I forgotten how I heard of Bincho, was it a foodie, word of mouth advertising or a random discovery? I finally ventured to Soho late one evening with a friend, at the time I was not hungry so suggested some Yakitori to over a casual dinner date.

You have a selection of skewers to choose from with prices starting at £1.50, you have to make a minimum order of 2 of the same kind.

We were seated right in front of the charcoal grill workspace and had first hand view of the chefs in action.  A little warning it gets smoky and hot sitting in front of that grill. As it was both our first time at Bincho we decided to go for the “Seven Samurai Special”  that contained Chicken wings, Asparagus Chicken and spring onion, Shitake mushroom, Salmon, and Pork belly. Most of the skewers were tasty, some were bland and there was no soy sauce in sight to help save them.

We did order some extra skewers, but the chicken liver wasn’t something I was fond of, but my friend happily finished my portion.

You can easily run a high bill here the 7 samurai, drinks and service charge cost around £15 per person.

Bincho is a nice place to chill and relax over small nibbles I look forward to visit again for some desserts!

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