Wondering along Soho, I initially wanted to take my friends to Koya but was immediately put off from the long queue. We stumbled upon Taro, never knew they had another branch on Compton street. We analyzed the menu outside on the door window meals for £10 bargain; we did have to while to be seated as it was quite packed.

Before Taro we were at Bar Revolution Christmas showcase I was stuffed from the finger food. I knew immediately that I wanted the Chirashi this is the “sushi” the Japanese have at home. A bed of vinegar rice with slices of sashimi and it cost £10.90. It arrived beautifully presented in a square bento style box, most of my friends stole my sashimi to eat but the ones I had were decent and fresh. The vinegar rice was seasoned just right and was cooked perfectly.

My other friends had ramen for their dishes and was priced £6-7, the noodles doesn’t taste like the typical ramen I had the beef I tried tasted like it was marinated with teriyaki sauce.

Overall it’s a cheap find to have in soho for a decent meal.

10 Old Compton St
Soho, W1D 4


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