Burgers & lobsters have becoming increasing popular over the years. Since it’s debut with the Mayfair branch there has been 3 new additions. Launched by the team behind goodman’s steak.  I heard the tales of the 2-hour queue wait and was prepared for the worst.

I went along with “K” and her sister to the soho branch, straight after work hitting the 5:30pm mark the place was surprisingly empty and we got our tables within 5 mins. WIN!

There are only 3 things on this menu, for £20 it’s a whole lobster, lobster roll or burger, plus a salad and chips for sides. Of course there’s always a choice of picking the fresh catch of the day to share with your party.

“K” and I went for lobster rolls, and “L” chooses the grilled lobster with garlic butter. Either though I wasn’t eating the whole lobster I still wanted to put the cute white bib with illustrated man on myself. Food came promptly; the whole lobster came out on a monstrous plate, with a shiny metal pot of garlic butter.

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The lobster roll also came in a decent size, with lobster meat clenched between the shiny toasted crunchy brioche roll. I couldn’t wait to tuck in. The toasted brioche was superb, the sweet, buttery smell, had the crunch and was light and fluffy inside. The lobster meat was a slight let down; the meat tasted like it was going off, the Japanese mayo gave the lobster meat a rich creamy flavour. The salad mix was good, however there was large chunks of sea salt which I had to pick out. The golden crispy chips were also ok, my friend also said her lobster roll tasted like the meat was going off. We most likely got a bad batch.

Overall I think the price point is good, £20 for a whole lobster is cheap in London. I think the lobster roll tasted better then the grilled lobster and I look forward to trying out the burger next time. There’s no reservations are this place you just turn up and hope for the best there’s no long wait.

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