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LDN town, you got to love Shoreditch its one of the best places to live in London. This part of town is live all day and night long, filled with trendy fashionistas, the creative cloud of “IT” design companies and coolest people around. There are endless choices of destinations to go to and food restaurants popping up. Forge & Co is just one of the places that’s completely a unique social space, with a Canteen and lounge with a live DJ and bar filled craft beers, urbane cocktails and many more.

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One lovely Sunday afternoon after my breakfast at Dishoom, I wondered the streets of Brick Lane for a bit of window-shopping. Meeting up a friend, we headed over at Forge & Co. Dropping in we had the live DJ set, tables were filled with diners finishing up breakfast, the menu transition over to lunch and of course Sunday Roasts.

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When we finally got a table we both went for the healthier option of fresh pressed juice and smoothie. Although my friend was disappointed with her small glass, mine came in one of those long tall ones.

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Onto the roasts, all orders from the Sunday Roast sections come with luscious big thick cuts of meat, three potatoes, vegetables and a Yorkshire pudding filled with gravy. I was close to calling the waitress for more gravy, but once you cut into the Yorkshire pudding. The gravy forms into a big puddle, surrounding everything on the plate. Since I’m going on about the Yorkshire puddings, it’s probably the best damn thing I’ve tried in London. Crispy, crunchy airy light texture, that dissolves so quickly like the crisps from Skips.

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In hindsight, 2 thick cut pieces of pork belly was way too much for me, struggling to finish off the second piece I just had to leave it there. Tender meat and fat dissolves onto your tongue, with a last lick of mustard applesauce. I thought 3 pieces of potatoes was being stingy but if you had that plate of food, it proven it was the right proportions. Forge & Co seem to have cleverly blanched the vegetables, it tasted partly cooked and raw seasoned with some salt.

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I enjoyed my simple but fulfilling meal at Forge and Co and look forward to more meals and Sunday brunches there.

154-158 Shoreditch High Street
London, E1 6HU
{google_map}154-158 Shoreditch High Street
London, E1 6HU{/google_map}
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