On a Sunday afternoon I was bored out of my wits and decided to head to hackney to go try lucky chip burger. Raved amongst the foodies online I wanted to give it a go. Right next to Broadway market lies Netail market a little small space set up with lucky chip, a cake stall and bicycle bookshop.

I have searched online for the menu with no luck, glancing over the menu I decided to go with the safest option of a classic cheeseburger and wasabi mayo and sweet chilli chips.

Roughly 15-20 mins later my burger arrived, it was HUGE as soon as I picked it up it started to break apart, the bottom was so soggy, and the melted cheese on the generous size beef burger was oozing with appeal. I did not like the lettuce at all, it tasted like it was boiled.  The beef burger was medium rare and tasted great.

The wasabi mayo and sweet chilli chips was the winner for me, I loved the twist of wasabi it did hit my nose a few times. The chips is one of the best I had in London the flakes of sea salt gave the right amount of seasoning.

I really enjoyed the meal and it set me back £9.50, but  I do have to write about my severe reaction to Lucky chip though. A few hours down the line my stomach felt really weird, I started to get headaches and knew immediately my body was telling me it was ready to throw up. I had nothing else for dinner but Lucky chips food. I threw up twice in the toilet emptying the entire context of burger and chips. I was ill until the next day; I don’t think I will be able to eat from here again.

Netil Market Westgate St London Fields
London, E8 3RL


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