Midori-travellers-notebookThere’s something about travelling I love, each time I come back to my reality. I get a new perspective on life. I feel like I live in the moment of the people and immerse in the culture each place I go to.  

muji-notebookWe live in the digital age but I still like to use a pen and notebook to jot down notes, and memories. I use my Muji notebooks, the traveller’s notebook or Moleskin traveller’s journal to write a wish list of destinations I want to go to. I have different companions I go travelling with, so we get together and do a travel itinerary once we gathered our notes.
(photo above are notes from my Barcelona trip)

Muji-notebook-midoiri-travellers-notebookOnce I’ve discussed and settled on a destination to go, the first thing I do is check what attractions and things I want to do on holiday. From weekends or week-long stays or longer, there’s nothing that annoys me the most than not planning what I do day to day. This also will help you with packing for the right occasion.  

For those who live in the digital age and rely on apps, I use Tripit, Evernote, on both the iPhone and Motorola Android. Tripit stores all my flights and accommodation information automatically from my Gmail account. Evernote is for my research plans when the time comes for the holiday I pay for premium for the month to read stuff offline. Fantastical is linked to both my Tripit account and I rely on this app to pop up reminders of my daily schedules.  


I’ve recently purchased a lifetime subscription of App in the air, it gives me push notifications of flights when the gate information is available and even check in with my seat preference and obtain a boarding pass for me.  

How do you stay organised? What apps or methods do you use? 


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