If there is one meal I never get bored of its eating Dim Sum, the delicious tiny parcels of goodness goes down in a few bites. Research led me to One Dim Sum Restaurant 一點心 in Prince Edward, very close to where we were staying in Mong Kok. Actually, when I first came to Hong Kong we stayed at a hotel that was near the boundary street playground that seems to be knocked down now. One Dim Sum didn’t exist back then, close by the Prince Edward MTR the restaurant attracted queues even for 10-11am. We waited roughly 10-15 minutes and the place filled every seat at such a tiny restaurant.

Everything on the menu is really affordable with dim sum costing no more than $27. We ate so much that the bill came up to $445 and got a shocked face by the cashier when we paid.

One Dim Sum menu consists of the usual dim sum staples, steamed rolls, siu mai, ha gau etc. What I like about One Dim Sum over Tim Ho Wan was the consistency of the food.

Char siu buns glisten in every angle and hit the savoury and sweet spot. Crispy fried wontons skins were airy biting into flavour generous chunks of prawns and meat.

Congee is silky smooth and has the right balance of shredded pork meat and egg.

The cheung fun rice roll is soft and silky, we had 3 versions. Plumped large shrimps, crispy dough sticks and barbeque pork and spring onions.

Siu mai is bursting with pork meat, juices and Chinese mushrooms.

Clay pot rice in Hong Kong seems to be served in white bowls, instead of the usual thick bowls you see. Any pork dish you get will always be very plumped and juicy.

The desserts we picked out are stuff you don’t get in the London. Mango coconut rolls and fried egg stick.


Address: Hong Kong, Prince Edward, Playing Field Rd, 15號號 號 地舖 1-2 號 Kenwood Mansion



+852 2789 2280



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