I still remember my very first banh mi, it was whilst holidaying in swtizerland. A friend of my aunts made some, and from then I was gripped by all the textures and flavours. Sadly at the time I had no clue what it was called to hunt for it in London until recent years I saw someone on twitter posting a photo of one.

The search was on for banh mi, then I read about banhmi11 in broadway Market. The best I ever had!

I’m over the moon the banh mi craze is popping up everywhere in London.

Its been two years since I been in clerkenwell road, I used to work around the corner and now two vietnamese restaurants have opened. Banh mi bay used to be a Chinese buffet place.

Last Saturday I was craving banh mi and went to banh mi bay, it’s a very modern looking cafe, White Walls with beach wooden tables. You have a choice to takeaway or eat in.

I decided to take out as it was a hot sunny day. I went for banh mi special, pate, spiced pork, and pork roll. I was given a choice of three different breads to choose from. Brown, white or Vietnamese style. I went for Vietnamese style.

I was so thirsty, I ordered a soy bean drink too. I could tell it was freshly made from scratch without artificial ingredients, loved it!

I sat down looking at the menu I took. Many people was enjoying pho, summer rolls.

The banh mi came to me in 15 mins. The baguette was huge, and what I enjoyed most was the ingredients used, loved the pork meat better then banhmi11 but the bread wasn’t as crispy and light as banhmi11.

I had a generous helping of meat, pickled carrots and mooli, cucumber, coriander. I could also taste a dash of Maggi in my banh mi and typical seasoning ingredient used in banh mi.

I loved my banh mi and shall be returning for pho!

4-6 Theobalds Rd
London, WC1N 2


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