K-star Road


Gwangjang Market-bibimbap
Gwangjang Market

potato pancake country style bibibamp

9am // Gwangjang Market 廣藏市場 광장시장

We went back to Gwangjang market with a hungry rumbling belly. Spoilt with endless choices of stalls full of all kind of Korean foods we settled for some country style bibimbap. The stall next to me had these delicious potato starch sticky pancakes.

ice-cream fish_icecream ice-cream-cake

11am // Fish Ice-cream

We went to the part of town filled with Korean Karaoke places. One of the stalls featured a colourful long waffle and a fish cake ice-cream.




SMTOWN cakesSMTOWN autographsshinee IMG_9024 IMG_9023 IMG_9007 IMG_9021 Girls Generation

12pm// SMTown LIVErary Cafe

Home to Super Juniors, Girls Generation and pop princess BoA Kwon. We sat down for a drink in SMTown LIVErary café. Hallyu stars signed the tables in the café and you can eat cute cupcakes.

2pm // YG building

The YG building is on the suburbs part of town. YG headquarters is quite hard to find from 합정역 / Hapjeong Station and leave EXIT 8. It took a while but we got there in the end.

K-star Road
K-star Road

3pm// K-Star Road

We headed to Gangnam-gu for the famous K-star Road; the long stretch road is marked with this bright white, blue and pink marking. Follow the markings and you see name plaques and statues with Hallyu star names. If you like to do luxury shopping than Apgujeong Galleria Department Store is for you.


| Get off at Apgujeong-Rodeo Station (Bundang Line), Exit 2.

IMG_9030 IMG_9033 CoCo Ichibanya curry

5pm// Lotte Department Store | CoCo Ichibanya Lotte Fitin

Curry House

We headed back to Lotte Fitin for some dinner before GD concert. My Friend V said whilst in Japan she tried CoCo curry house and I was curious to try the curry out. Every bite was mouth-watering good, fragrant curry rich flavours. So darn tasty.


7pm// GD hologram K-live concert

Remember the time I won tickets to see Bigbang G-Dragon concert? Well, we went back for an evening show to chill and relax. GD made us laugh played with our hearts and gave an epic 3D hologram performance.

Lotte Fitin website



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