Escargots de Bourgogne

La Garrick

Whisper the words “Désirez-vous un aperitif” and the server starts bringing out a tray of glasses with a shot of alcohol with all round bright smiles. That’s what you get at Le Garrick, attentive smiley friendly staff, they been working for the family run restaurant for many years and happy with the work environment. The homely, cosy environment bounces off throughout the whole restaurant as soon as you walk inside.

IMG_5542 IMG_5570 Le Garrick

Le Garrick has been around for 25 years and Bredan the previous owner passed his baby over to Dominika and Charles. Invited down to celebrate opening for 25 years Charles hosted a terrific dinner party. Seated downstairs in the corner with dim out candles and wooden tables we all felt at ease, cosy and warm. Like being in a kitchen with an open fireplace.

Charles just had a baby himself called Leo and couldn’t stop gushing over his little boy and how it’s changed him. We kicked off the night with tiny square bite sizes of Foie gras du Sud Ouest, my tongue was greeted with an ultra smooth pate over brioche topped with sweet fig chutney.

Foie gras du Sud Ouest

Charles mission for his restaurant is to use top fresh ingredients and he personally visits them to check for quality. If it’s no good, it won’t make it on your dining table. Le Garrick ensures farm/produce to table goods.

Assiette de charcuterie

Next up a lovely selection of thin slices of cut cold meat, pickles and red onions and some bread. Meats were lovely and sweet.
Assiette de charcuterie

The fab thing about Le Garrick bread and water is free of charge to all customers they don’t believe in charging people basic things, and the bread makes a great thing to dip into their cheese fondue.

Fondue de “Vacherin” pour deux IMG_5555

The cheese fondue arrived in a surprising little straw container, instead of a pot over a fire. Opening the lid, revealed a white wine and chives molten cheese that stayed warm for the rest of the evening.
Fondue de “Vacherin” pour deux

A must try dish is this little artist palate looking pot with holes filled with a smell of lovely hot garlic, parsley butter and burgundy snails. Charles exclaimed excitedly it’s of his mother favourite’s and best eaten piping hot with the butter dripping off its cocktail sticks.

Escargots de Bourgogne

Most bog standard places serve calamari in deep-fried batter, Le Garrick wanted something different and theirs is served in an almost stew. Served on the pan, the calamari is pan-seared basque style with a few simple touches.
Cassolette de calamar à la plancha au piment d’espelette.

Cassolette de calamar à la plancha au piment d’espelette

The Moules Marinières was so delicious that me and Jenny plates were piled with empty mussels shells, they were gorgeously cooked in white wine, cream, shallots and parsley.

Moules Marinières

Just when we thought our bellies couldn’t be filled any more the three mains arrived. My favourite of the night had to be Magret de Canard a “l’orange”, and I must say the duck was beautiful cooked without being too tough, the orange sauce was pure addiction. Dragging my fork and douching the duck meat until every last drop, a very good portion of mash is also served with the dish along with wilted spinach.

Magret de Canard a “l’orange”,

The Boeuf Bourguignon, seemed to have gone before my eyes and others went after it, I did take a few spoonful’s, have the slow cooked beef and new potatoes.

Boeuf Bourguignon

The last dish is currently not on the menu, chorizo sausages over white beans that are cooked in tomato sauce.


To end the evening we all shared a platter of desserts between couples, the stand out had to be Tarte au Citron, sharp citrus lemon with crème fraiche. If you’re a major fan of nutella then Petit pot au chocolat is the one for you, the chocolate melts in your mouth without being over bearing sweet.

Petit pot au chocolat

As with most French restaurants, they love a good wine, a great selection is on offer. Le Garrick is your destination for terrific authentic cosy French food in the heart of Covent Garden.

10 Garrick St Covent Garden, UK WC2E 9

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