After singing our lungs out at lucky voice in soho, my friends was nibblish. We happened to just walked along Poland street and stared outside ukai sushi interior with curious eyes. We did think it looked quite posh, as you can view the diners and seating clearly. We quickly glanced over at the sample menu outside and we thought the prices were very reasonable the most expensive dish is £24. So we walked inside, the first thing you will notice is the resident DJ playing the restaurant music. I was really tempted to ask him what clubs he played, I’m into house music, but he was in his own world with headphones glued to his ears.

The waitress came over within seconds and asked if we booked a table. We said no, it’s no problem there was plenty of seats inside.

The restaurant itself is contemporary with nice ambient seating and atmosphere. The bar was on the right and seating looked cosy.

Upon seating, you will notice the printed paper mats with old Japanese art. The soy sauce in a clay bottle and pretty sauce pots.

At the time I was stuffed with a mc d milkshake and a cocktail at luckyvoice so only ordered a salmon avocado hand roll. My friends went on to order a feast and I picked at their food.

We wanted the flower blossoming tea but they ran out. My friends had mix cocktails, a virgin mojito and some other cocktail that I don’t remember the name but tasted VERY sweet.

The soy sauce in the restaurant is either sweeten with mirin or sugar. My salmon hand roll came out first, along with the salmon miso soup, and avocado roll. The soup broth was clear and had subtle flavours. My hand roll was really good the salmon was juicy and I can tell it was a good grade of salmon.

The sashimi and salmon set was equally as good, a great grade of Scottish salmon, the rice in the sushi was done well, not too soggy or hard.

The soft crab tempura roll was nice and crunchy, but I couldn’t taste any crab.

The least favourite and disappointing dish was the teriyaki chicken. The rice served with the dish was seasoned with vinegar, the sauce was overly sweet and the chicken was too flavoured and salty.

The damaged was £62 odd, service charge was £7 something. It’s a nice place for sushi, I may risk trying other hot foods next time.

58 Poland Street  London W1F 7NR   020 7734 1444










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