Canteen is somewhere to consider for all day breakfast, roasts and great British treats. Today was really chilly London, temperature dropping at sub zero degrees what better way to seek comfort with a cuppa. Lucky for us Canteen serves afternoon for 2 for only £19.50. In the afternoon tea you get a selection of sandwiches, cakes and a pot of tea.

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The sandwiches, consisted of smoked salmon on soda bread with cream cheese, egg mayonnaise with watercress sandwiches and ham mustard sandwiches. These were scrummy packed with flavour and locally sourced ingredients, the free range used in the egg mayonnaise had a lovely rich texture, and the yolk was flavoured.  The ham and salmon was very fresh with full-bodied flavour.

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The cakes selection had 2 warm scones with clotted cream and jam, a carrot cake and victoria sponge. I wasn’t too keen on the cream used in the victoria sponge; it tasted like cream out of cans. The carrot cake was lovely, moist with crunchy walnuts, and the butter cream was just about right not too sweet or buttery.

Really worth the £19.50 for some afternoon snacking, I’m still full that I don’t need to eat dinner. 

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