Our beloved cute looking drop bears aka Koala bears can actually destroy a whole forest of trees. Turning them grey and dying just like something you see out of the Sleeping Beauty forest. That’s the one fact I learned whilst on a 1 Great Ocean Road day tour with Bun Yip.

My niece works for Visit Melbourne and gets fantastic discount on touristy things. For $130 dollars you get a 12-hour tour on a mini bus with plenty of places to stop over, some tea, coffee biscuits and an Aussie BBQ lunch. Even touring alone I made friends with other travellers from all around the world.

The morning starts off at their offices for a 7:30 am, packing us in the 12-seater bus. Our driver entertained us with his stories and scared us with the vegemite. There are so many glorious views along the way that make you awestruck of what natural beauty has to offer. We visited coastal towns of Lorne and Apollo Bay. Each beach got prettier and prettier.

Cape Otway lighthouse was our stopover for lunch, did I mention the day was filled with cloudless, clear blue skies horizons meeting next to the ocean. Blue on blue what a beautiful sight. Climbing up the staircases of the lighthouse, greeted at the top with the sudden breeze in the air.

Kola bear hunting was a joy, passing through the rainforest smelling eucalyptus trees. You notice passing through an area where trees are saturated into grey, life pulled out the trees. As I learned drop bears claw their way to the top and kill the branches stopping photosynthesis from happening. You see metal bars are added to stop the koalas from climbing.

The last stop is what we all been waiting for the 12 Apostles, soaring cliffs and gigantic waves hitting against the limestone rocks. Climbing down the Gibson Steps, a small beach and rocks are comparable to ones in Malta.

Bunyip Tours are reliable, great comfy buses without being overpacked with tourists. 12 hours is more than enough for visiting the whole of the Great Ocean Road.



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