Alicante – Cloudless skies, turquoise and emerald beaches


Alicante was a spontaneous trip planned at the beginning of the year. My Spanish colleague S pleaded to visit her hometown since last year. The dates were set for the end of June for 4-day trip. IMG_3207 IMG_3205 IMG_3204

S booked a 4-bedroom apartment from Airbnb, only 10 minutes away from the city centre and beach. On a Thursday night, my colleagues and I shut down our computers at 4:30pm and made our way to Gatwick airport. With our Easyjet plane being delayed for over 4 hours with only £3 compensation, we arrived at Alicante 2 am in the morning.   S father picked us up from the airport and 20 minutes later we arrived at the apartment drinking sangrias through the night. IMG_3208 IMG_3209 IMG_3210 IMG_3211 IMG_3219 IMG_3224 The next day we talk a walk to visit one of the main attractions in Alicante Castle of Santa Barbara situated on the outcrop overlooking the city. Parts of the medieval rural of the fortress still exist, canons, dungeons and a lift going up to the castle. We all thought we take a hike up along the steep paths there instead of taking the lift. Once we climbed up, we were rewarded with fantastic views of the coastline of turquoise and emerald beaches and cloudless skies. IMG_8703 IMG_8713 IMG_8715 IMG_3253 IMG_3262 IMG_3266   IMG_3246 IMG_3247 IMG_3262 IMG_3252 IMG_3242 IMG_3239 IMG_3231 IMG_3225 IMG_3273 In the afternoon, we pre-booked a city Segway tour with Akra Vibe. Christian was very helpful and fluent in English and let us roams the streets, getting around the city longer than 2 hours. I was a dare devil, super charging the Segway speeding the roads. Akra Vibe. IMG_3281 IMG_3285 IMG_3290 IMG_3326 IMG_3322 IMG_3318 IMG_3320

Our first proper meal we had a special set menu at a place near the Segway tour office. The set meal consisted of tapas starters, rabbit paella and a dessert. The paella was extremely flavourful, Granma’s cake is special homemade dessert crafted to look somewhat similar to tiramisu.
address: Sabores – Calle Castaños  44, 03001 Alicante

IMG_3295 IMG_3298 IMG_3294 granma's_cake Strolling down to the Playa De San Juan beach, we caught some sun and then headed back to the apartment to get ready for a night out.

Playa De San Juan
Playa De San Juan

Playa De San Juan

For dinner, we headed to a place in Casco Antiguo called 100 montaditos at a place serving tapas in mini baguettes for €1.50 euros each. Filling our bellies up from the deceptively simple but delicious food and cheap sangrias drinks by the tap. // address 100 Montaditos –  Rambla Méndez Núñez, 28, 03002, Alicante // website

IMG_8805 IMG_8806   IMG_8795 IMG_8793 During the end of June a local festival of explosive fireworks for 7 days takes place at the beach by midnight. Locals gather around and sit on the beach watching the 30 mins fireworks display. IMG_8811 IMG_8818


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  1. It’s a lovely place! I’ve traveled to Spain five times and last year I spent part of my summer vacation in Alicante. It was a magical 6 day fairytale. I loved the Castle of Santa Barbara and the views you can see from it – so beautiful! I enjoyed my time on the beach, just lying, and relaxing, and swimming, and then the food, I love Spanish food, I can never get enough. I think one day I’ll just move to Spain and live there to the rest of my life. Greets!

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