Love at first sniff – The *TeaShed

From the very first whiff of opening the cupboard cup, the sensation smells of the tea and flavours assaults your nose. Smelling them is just too therapeutic.

*TeaShed tea *TeaShed tea redbush vanilla

This very cup was the *TeaShed red bush and vanilla tea. Loose tea wrapped in a silky pyramid bag. Inside the silky bag contains red bush, vanilla liquid, cornflower, saf flower and marigold petals.


Brewed in just 3-4 minutes I relaxed and enjoyed the deep ruby colour tea. The character is almost one-dimensional, with an almost fully defined body; the perfume is intoxicating good, an abrupt aftertaste and has a crystal clear finish.

*TeaShed tea redbush vanilla tea IMG_0728

Just like how I’ve been taught to taste coffee café nero, do the slurp and spit method to taste the character of the tea.


*TeaShed tea’s are from £1.99 the company is almost 3 years old and can be found in John Lewis, hundreds of stockists and food shows. Go on, life is too short to drink bad tea.


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