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This is my final post from my Hong Kong trip I took last year. 點點心 Dim Dim Sum is another popular dim sum parlour in Hong Kong with numerous outlets. The most local one of us was the Mong Kok area in Tong Choi Street. Upon arrival the queues were quite long, we waited outside and was given a menu on a clipboard so that we could decide what we wanted to order. This had to be one of busiest dim sum places we went to in Hong Kong. I believe it has received a Michelin star.


Even in the early hours of the morning before lunchtime, it was busy with people coming in and out the door. Once inside we were seated in a corner on a small table. Noises came from all directions, people chatting away, tea cups clinking, staff calling out order numbers. The walls were filled with publicity of reviews, awards and guides 點點心 Dim Dim Sum was in. One of my favourite books Where Chefs Eat featured Dim Dim Sum in their guides.


We only ordered a few dishes since it was our breakfast/lunch. Siu Mai, har gao, xia long bao, clay pot rice.


Siu Mai is both equal in pork meat and shrimps. Just look at the full pieces of shrimp in that photo.


Ha Gar comes full and plumped wrapped in the translucent silky skins.


Ham sui gok is fluffy, crispy deep fried in a golden brown exterior.


Clay pot rice comes with assorted veg, mushrooms and chunky pieces of marinated chicken on a bed of rice.


The most popular and favourite dish was the crispy skin prawn cheung fun. It tastes exactly like zha leung, wasabi prawns deep-fried in a better roll wrapped in a rice roll. Each bite you can hear the crunch one of the tastiest dishes from the meal.

點點心-Dim-Dim-Sum-wasabi-prawn-cheung-fun 點點心-clay-pot-rice-2

Address: Hong Kong, Mong Kok, Tung Choi St, 112


Open ⋅ Closes 2AM

Phone: +852 2309 2300


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