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After doing my errands of sending packages at the post office I felt nibblish and was craving a shawarma wrap so I headed to the orange room. Looking at the menu i saw the lunch deal consisting 1 starter, 1 wrap and a drink for £6.50. I thought since I was craving a wrap I might as well sit in and enjoy my meal and add a starter. Then i was told there was no more shawarma “whaaat??!!” I thought but ended up with shish taouk wrap and cheese samboussek. The cheese samboussek was filled with feta cheese and parsley was a little too salty but I still liked it a lot.

The wrap was equally as good again the sauce and pickles were on the salty side. I was happy with the chicken tender and had just the right flavouring.

Overall a good meal for £6.50 atmosphere reminded me of a wedding went to a few years back middle eastern music.






Orange Room




(020) 8980 7336


63 Burdett Rd
Bow, E3 4

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  1. I can cook better than this and my glasses will be clean and crack free ,Very sad they should stick to bacon butties as they cant cook Lebanese or go to EL DAR they will show them how to operate and EL DAR is cheaper with its west end location

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