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I remember just two years ago I was complaining about the lack of ramen shops available in London. I even asked Eatnoodleslovenoodles at the time, and he only seems to know of one place in London. Now ramen has been exploding the scene, Bone daddies were the second place I went to some time last year. The first attempt on a Friday night we saw queues all around the block. My friend and I just turned our backs and walked away to eat somewhere else. The following week on a Monday evening I managed to get seats within 15-20 mins by the window.

Ross Shonhan former head chef of Zuma and Nobu is behind bone daddies. The place is full of high stools, and I did found it a little claustrophobic sitting in between 4 people by the window.

Clearly you won’t be disappointed by what Bone Daddies have on offer, there’s 8 varieties of ramen to choose from. One being just a salad, no chicken broth, just pure vegetables and some meat, which my friend surprised me and ordered for his main course.

I ordered “Tonkotsu”, with no extra sides or starters; this was the night that would be remembered as the time we ate at 6 places in one evening.

 Rock n Roll   Bone Daddies

When the ramen arrived, the first thing you notice is the rich, intense bold cream like broth, glossy with fat floating on top. I read somewhere the soup takes 20 hours to cook. It was so rich I failed to drink all the soup up, and gave me a sore throat the very next day, but it was all worth it.

The noodles had a nice springiness and bite, the pork and egg had a nice texture, although I prefer Tonkotsu eggs. The portion was great served in a large clay bowls. My friend loved his salad ramen, I had a bite and that too had rich flavours going on and he ate everything clean.

 Rock n Roll   Bone Daddies

Shoryu review will be coming soon, out of the 3-ramen places I’ve tried Bone Daddies was my favourite.
minilogo Rock n Roll   Bone Daddies
mini Rock n Roll   Bone Daddies

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  • Reply August 13, 2013

    Tom FND Noob

    “this was the night that would be remembered as the time we ate at 6 places in one evening” !!!!!!!
    Are you training for Man vs Food?!

  • Reply August 13, 2013

    Tom FND Noob

    Sure, if he managed stay alive afterward hehe
    I wish honest burger does such challenge, I will be first to sign up:p
    try google id if wordpress doesnt work?

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