It started with a bite – belgique cakes (my new cake dessert hangout)

After attending my dear friend Ling’s birthday, I was curious about the cake at the birthday party. It wasn’t the usual I seen, and tasted unique. The base was like a tart, yet it was pear/caramel cheesecake glazed with white chocolate. After bugging numerous people I finally got the name of the place, and I was shocked I had a local one that I walked passed a few times. O the shame, I never knew it sold cakes. I was even more shocked with the prices, it was so reasonable a pear caramel cheesecake and a cup of tea was around £5, I expected it to cost a lot more. The cheesecake I had just had the right sweetness, the cheese was light and the biscuit base tasted like tarts. I will defiantly be revisiting for more cakes.


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  1. Hey, my sister Google image-searched Belgique cakes the other night (as you do) and recognsied the cheesecake that we bought for Ling on his birthday lol. We are totally loved up with this cheesecake too! <3

    (from one half of the Wong sisters!)

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