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What are muntballs? It is meatballs but using muntjunc deer meat. Mike Robinson’s recipe substitute fat with cheese, making them cheesy and gooey with flavour. Based on a New York Italian chef recipe he uses lean meat muntjac to create a ginormous meatball with lashings of garlic and a thick tomato sauce. Muntjac deer maybe hard to hunt down, so you can use beef/pork as an alternative.

Gizzi Erskine has a youtube video using beef and pork meat. Chef John from Food Wishes does an excellent Swedish meatballs recipes with beef and pork meat.

I have tried making several times using Lunch Box Revolution recipe book. Making everything from scratch including the sauce. There’s that satisfaction and sense of achievement when you see the finished product, but I had this big problem my meatballs would fall apart when I cook them.

Mike Robinson recipe looks quick and easy to follow cutting half the time spending in the kitchen compare to other recipes out there. Ingredients are similar used to Lunch Box Revolution one.


Here is his original recipe.

Serves 4
For the Muntballs:
■ 250g minced Muntjac – you could use veal,
pork or even lamb
■ 250g Ricotta cheese
■ 100g finely grated Parmesan cheese
■ A little grated lemon zest
■ One egg
■ Salt to taste – and I mean ‘to taste’ – try a
bit of the mix raw, you may think that the
salty cheese is seasoning enough, but if you
check at this stage you will get it spot on

For the sauce:
■ Two large jars of good quality Passata
■ A man size knob of butter
■ Three smashed cloves of garlic
■ Salt to taste
■ A pinch of sugar to sweeten things up
■ A sprinkle of fresh basil to finish
■ Grated nutmeg to finish

  1. It’s a doddle to make and all you will need to cope with, washing up wise, is a medium-sized pan
    and a mixing bowl, which is always a bonus.
    2. So. Mix everything together with your hands. Since the Ricotta is very wet, start with about half
    of it. Grate in a little lemon zest. Add the salt, crack in the egg and mix thoroughly. You will find
    that the mix looks like it will make about a dozen meatballs, but hold yer horses. Wash your
    hands, but don’t dry them because if your hands are wet, the mixture won’t stick. So, with wet
    hands, divide the mix into quarters and shape up four Mahusive Muntballs: about the size of a
    tennis ball. (Oh yeah baby!)
    3. Next, using the same pan, get the butter melted and stir in the smashed garlic. Add the Passata
    and place in the meatballs. 20-25 minutes should do it. They’re cooked when they’re firm to the
    touch. Spoon over the sauce and serve with a sprinkle of fresh green basil.

Download a PDF recipe for muntballs and for more recipes check out Isuzu website.



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