Espresso Italiano Championship 2014

An advance invite landed at the very beginning of the year for the anticipated event 2014 Espresso Italiano Champion, held at London at Pall Mall’s Royal Automobile Club. Prior to the championship finals, 16 top baristas from 14 espresso companies and organizations around the world completed to make it to the finals.

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Arriving at the members only Buy Alprazolam Online India, the room seemed intense and competition started right away. Each barista has 11 minutes to prepare four espressos and four cappuccinos. A technical judging panel of skilled professionals from the Italian coffee industry will graded them while an anonymous sensory judging panel of four officials from the International Institute of Coffee Tasters will sit in a separate room for the final verdict.

A lot of thought needs to go into creating the best cup of coffee anything can affect the after all taste and change the characteristics.

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Why the Italian Espresso National Institute holds competitions?

Founded in 1998, the goal for them was to safeguard and promote the original espresso. Each member company complies with certification requirements.

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What makes a perfect espresso?

On sight, it should be hazelnut colour froth, with a fine cream texture and mesh of tight large or small bubbles. The nose should reveal notes of flower, fruits, toasted bread and chocolate.


The 14 baristas present at Espresso Italiano Championship 2014:

Daniele Bitto (CMA Macchine per Caffe)
Vincenzo Bova (La Genovese)
Fabio Consonni (Milani)
Giovanni Corinaldesi (G.I.FI.ZE)
Alessandro Corsi (Essse Caffe)
Nicola D’Ambrosio (Torrefazione Caffe Michele Battista)
Szu Ting Fan (International Institute of Coffee Tasters – IIAC Taiwan)
Franco Goddi (Altogusto)
Hyun Woo Kim International Institute of Coffee Tasters – IIAC Korea)
Thomas Kuen (Torrefazione Caffe Schreyogg)
Filippo Rossi (Torrefazione Saturno)
Graziano Scalas (Altogusto)
Cristian Tetro (Costadoro)
Emilia Tufano (Wega Macchine per Caffe)

Carlo Odello, Jason Jones, Denis Vita.

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After hours of watching participants competing against each other the winner was crowned. Well-done Filippo Rossi!

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