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The food connoisseur accepts products from brands and PR representatives. Acceptance of a product for review does not constitute a contract for a published review and received products are deemed as commercial samples on a consideration basis, and not compensation for any written content.
Posts containing press samples will always be clearly labelled with a press sample text at the end of the post. If a post contains this text (product sample, xxx sent me this) it means a brand or PR representative for consideration sent the product(s) featured to me. This in no way influences my final published review and all opinions are my own.


The food connoisseur never agrees to attend events in direct exchange for an editorial copy.

Sponsored post

The food connoisseur may occasionally publish sponsored posts, which will always be clearly labelled as such and will always contain no follow links. If you wish to collaborate on a sponsored post please contact me to discuss.

The food connoisseur will not add paid-for SEO links or write advertorial content which isn’t relevant to our readership. All advertorial content has to be labelled as so in-line with Advertising Standards Authority regulations.


All images on the food connoisseur were created and edited by me unless stated otherwise. You may not use them, even with credit, without express permission.


The Food Connoisseur contains affiliate marketing links, which means I get paid commission on sales of some of the products or services I write about. 


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  1. Hi, my name is Alex and i am the co-creator of Mamasfood. We focus on the Mediterranean diet and have taken some of our mothers recipes and cook them for our customers. We are an online delivery food service and we only do delivery, we don’t have a restaurant. We would really like to send you some of our stuff for you to try out. You can see our menu on our website. Please feel free to choose anything you like on us! 🙂 If you really like the food and would like to mention us on your blog that would be much appreciated, if on the other hand you really liked the food and you don’t want to mention us that is much appreciated too, in both cases though you will really like our food! 🙂
    Have a great weekend.

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