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The legacy lives on – King of Soho dry gin

king of soho dry gin
king of soho dry gin

King of Soho is a new kind of gin, just launched in honour of his father. Howard named the brand after his Paul Raymond. Paul Raymond helped shaped up the Soho area, quickly becoming rich in creativity, music, art and modern culture.

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Howard, wanted a bespoke smooth full-bodied spirit crafted with 12 botanicals, with citrus notes. The beautiful design on the bottle embodies Soho, with a hybrid fox-human and his trumpet.

king of soho dry gin
king of soho dry gin


Having been invited down to the launch party, at the Union Club in the heart of Soho. The night kicked off with cocktails, the Soho slings were the one for me. The gin botanical notes surfaced well and brought out the sourness of the lime.

soho sling
soho sling


The other Evening drink tasted a lot stronger, filled with dashes of bitter, stirred with thyme opened up the juniper and pine notes.

Evening Thyme
Evening Thyme

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For more information visit the King of Soho website and here are some cocktail recipes.

Evening Thyme

50ml King of Soho Gin
10ml Volare Triple Sec
10ml Antica Formula
2 dashes Peychaud’s Bitters
1 dash Regans’ Orange Bitters

Stir with Thyme sprig
Garnish with lemon zest and thyme


Soho Sling

50ml King of Soho Gin
15ml Lime Juice
35ml Pressed Apple Juice
50ml Ginger Beer

Build in a tall glass filled with cubed ice
Garnish with a slice of apple


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