MissChu London

The faded almost photocopied looking face with the logo “MissChu”. All looked familiar to me. People in my foodie circle tweeted photos of the bikes and my family down under gave me exposure to MissChu.

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MissChu tuckshop only has one location in London, in Algate East. She has 7 outlets in Australia. The sign with dumplings lured me in, the store stood out like a sore thumb along Whitechapel.

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I was in the area for Order Xanax Pills supper club and wanted some small snacks. Ordering food is very similar to dim sum parlours. Tick the boxes on the sheet of paper and hand it over to the cashier.

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From the cashier onwards you can see the bamboo baskets stacked high. On this occasion I had the BBQ pork steam bun and Shanghai dumplings. Waiting over 15-20 minutes for my food to be steamed. My order came in takeaway bags and containers.

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The BBQ pork bun came in a soft cloudy bouncy bun, the BBQ red sauce escaping the inside. The inside was filled with rich, sticky sweet sauce full of flavour; the pork had it savoury sweetness.


The shanghai dumplings did not disappoint soup/juice came out as I bit the corner. The cabbage brought out the pork fattiness. The pork was healthy pink; the chives went well with the pork meatiness. My only complaint was the skin was slightly undercooked.

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I also got one of the ice coffees; a little too sweet I desperately waited for the ice to melt to dilute the flavours.


Overall I think what I had as tasters were absolutely delicious and I will not hesitate to come back to explore the Vietnamese menu. Hey there’s even chargers for your iPhones by the sockets too.

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