I have a little secret to share. I think I may have found the best all you can eat sushi buffet in London.

sushi cafe
sushi cafe

A groupon deal led me to “sushi café” in Battersea. My friends booked a table for 10. We demolished as much as we could and were all surprised by how tasty most of the things was.

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sushi cafe sushi
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chicken terriyaki

Tofu steaks soaked in dashi soup, takoyaki octopus balls had a creamy taste inside the bouncy chewy balls.

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The salmon skin rolls were the best of the brunch. Crispy fried coated batter wrap around the skin.

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sushi cafe sushi

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The fish and ingredients tasted really decent, sushi rice had enough flavouring, rice cooked too perfection. Often I find in other sushi restaurants the rice is too soggy and under flavoured.

This is a really good bargain buffet for £14.99, it may seem like a trek to Battersea but it’s the top list for best value for money.

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