Cooking with teapigs matcha green tea – green tea chiffon cake

I have an undying love for matcha green tea, although I will admit it did take some time for me to convert. As soon as I fell in love with the stuff, I couldn’t get enough from it. Green tea just goes with anything, mixed in mocktails, used in baking, green tea chocolate etc.

teapigs matcha green tea
teapigs matcha green tea


Not only does it taste fantastic, addictive it comes with a mass of health benefits such as immune boast, promote concentration, has heaps of anti-oxidants.

green tea chiffon cake
green tea chiffon cake

IMG_2409 IMG_2401

The other week I used teapigs matcha tea  to make a green tea chiffon cake. The matcha green tea powder was a good grade, smelled fabulous and made my cake look delicious.

IMG_2404 IMG_2403

I also made a cup in the traditional way with the tea ceremony whisk, get past the grassy/leave taste, and I promise you that you can feel more alive and awake. Green tea has natural caffeine, unlike coffee when you reach the high the energy levels just goes back down. Where as matcha stays steady.


Has anyone have any interesting matcha recipes to share with me?


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  1. I love Green tea taste and green tea cake, the smell is very nice delicious !!
    Please for sharing your process.

    I hope you will allow me to share your link to my web community in Thailand, there are many house wife who love to cook for free time.

    I wonder one day you will give me those cake LOL 🙂

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