Can’t speak french, but I have a Cramiques – Aux Merveilleux de Fred

aux merveilleux
aux merveilleux

It was the grand chandeliers that caught the corner of my eye. It sparkled reflected it’s light. Then I saw the sign for Les Cramique. What is a “Les Cramique”? It is brioche bread with different flavours reinvented by Fred; currently they have 5 on sale.


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The glass display cabinets had the royal worthy “Merveilleux”, mounds of crisp meringue wrapped in whipped cream. Every little piece piled neatly like a work of art.

Les Cramique
Les Cramique

The interior of “Aux Merveilleux de Fred” screams classy and fabulous. I was immediately transported back to my memories of Paris. Waking up from my hotel, scouring around for fresh French bakery. Eric Kayser was the closest to me, and I highly recommend everyone to pay a visit.


I ordered a small Les Cramique, it was a slighter larger then a hot cross bun in comparison. Soft fluffy sweet brioche bread, glazed with a sweet coating, and dots of raisins. All I needed was some butter to melt with the Les Cramique and I would have been in heaven.



A wide choice of tea by Dilmah is on display, a great selection of flavours with Ceylon tea. The almond tea I had was gorgeous every sip, very fragrant and tasty.

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